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📷 SE London from the sky.

Recently purchased a Mavic DJI Mini 2. Mostly on a whim during a stressful day at work but I’ve become obsessed with it. The shots it takes are phenomenal - looking down on the world is just so peaceful.

I don’t have too much time to tinker with the pics but I’ve defo enjoyed working with the RAW images.

Bromley gets some lovely sunsets and the weather has been lovely this September. The Mini 2’s camera is amazing but it struggles in low light. However, the RAW images have so much data, it’s pretty easy to turn the pics around in less than 20 seconds.

allotment 01 My beloved allotment from the air

allotment 02 Oh hai, I can see you too.

london 01 London, The Shard, The City.

sunset 01 That’s the Crystal Palace in the distance

sunset 02 More Crystal Palace

bromley kent 01 Bromley, Kent.

Probably got a little carried away adjusting things in potatoshop though!